General Terms And Conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions govern the certification of management systems offered by SE Certification International Sdn. Bhd. (referred to as “SEC”), a reputable certification body. These terms and conditions outline the essential aspects of our certification services and form a binding agreement between the SEC and our valued clients. By choosing to utilize SEC’s certification services, clients demonstrate their understanding of and adherence to the terms and conditions set forth herein. We encourage all clients to review these terms carefully to ensure a transparent and productive certification process.


2. Impartiality and Integrity

SEC is committed to upholding the highest level of integrity, objectivity, impartiality, and independence in all its certification activities. All certification measures are conducted independently and impartially, adhering to the principle of equality in the Quality Policy and Impartiality Policy of the SEC.


3. Certification Process

The certification process involves comprehensive assessments of the client’s management system, conducted through on-site or remote audits. The client shall provide all relevant information and documentation related to their management system as requested by the SEC.


4. Certification Issuance

Upon successful completion of audits and verification of any identified non-conformities, the SEC will issue the certification. The client’s information may be published on the SEC’s website. In exceptional cases, access to certain information can be limited at the request of the client (e.g., for security reasons).


5. Surveillance and Reassessment Audits

Clients are subject to regular surveillance audits to monitor their ongoing compliance and effectiveness. Reassessment audits before the certification expiration date are conducted to assess continued compliance and improvement.


6. Client Obligations

The client shall fulfill the terms and conditions stipulated in the certification agreement and cooperate with SEC representatives during the assessment and surveillance processes. They shall address any non-conformities proactively and maintain their management system in accordance with certification requirements. The client shall also promptly inform the SEC in writing about any major modifications to the certified management system and ensure that all major modifications are duly communicated for proper documentation and evaluation.


7. SEC Review Process

SEC will conduct a thorough review before making decisions on the client’s management system certification. They will assess the impact of major modifications and ensure compliance with the required standards. Certification may be granted, scope expanded, or reduced based on the review’s outcomes.


8. Ownership of Documents

All documents, including reports and certificates, provided by the SEC are the exclusive property of the SEC. The client is entitled to make copies for internal purposes only and shall not alter or misrepresent the content without written consent. Unauthorized use may lead to legal action.


9. Refusal, Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification

SEC reserves the right to refuse, suspend, withdraw, or amend the scope of certification if the client violates certification requirements, standards, or regulations. The criteria for such actions are defined in the certification agreement.

For a voluntary request for suspension by the client, a formal letter with a valid reason for such a request shall be provided to the SEC.


10. Restoring Certification after Suspension

If certification is suspended, the client shall take corrective action within 90 days from the date of the suspension notice issued and inform the SEC. SEC will review the actions and reinstate the certification upon satisfactory correction. Continued compliance is essential for maintaining certification.


11. Appeals and Complaints

Clients have the right to appeal certification decisions or lodge complaints in writing as part of our commitment to transparency.

11.1 Appeals
Clients should submit written appeals to the SEC’s managing director.
The SEC will conduct a thorough investigation and provide progress and outcome reports.
The Governing Advisory Council (GAC) ensures efficient processing and makes the final decision.
GAC appoints an independent Appeals Panel Committee to review appeals. Their decision is conclusive.
The appellant may present their case to the committee.
The Committee decides, validates, and issues a comprehensive report.
GAC informs SEC’s Managing Director, who takes corrective action if necessary.
The operation/certification head promptly communicates the decision to the client.
A detailed appeal log will be documented, ensuring fair and non-discriminatory actions.
Decisions are made within 3 weeks, with notification to the appellant within 1 week
11.2 Complaints
Complaints are directed to SEC’s Managing Director and Quality Management Representative (QMR).
QMR conducts a detailed investigation, providing reports and conducting a Short Notice Audit if necessary.
Complaint resolutions will be completed within one month, with notification to the complainant within 1 week.
Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.
SEC’s Managing Director forms a Complaint Committee to investigate SEC failures and client shortcomings.
The Committee recommends corrective actions and verifies their effectiveness.
Outcomes are documented.
11.3 Disputes
The Lead Auditor attempts to resolve the issue with the Management Representative of the company or client.
If unresolved, the assessment is terminated, and the matter is reported to the SEC’s Managing Director.
The Managing Director decides on corrections and corrective actions.
Discussion with the client occurs, and a new assessment is scheduled if required.
All records are documented for comprehensive documentation.

12. Logo Usage

Clients are authorized to use the SEC registered logo in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the “Use of Accreditation and Certification Logo” document.


13. Fulfillment of Agreed Fees

The certified client shall fulfil all agreed-upon fees for document review, compliance audit, continuous audit, and re-certification audit.


14. Indemnification

The client agrees to indemnify SEC against all losses and expenses suffered by SEC, including claims by third parties, related to the certification and use of SEC services.


15. Limitation of Liability

SEC shall not be liable for any expenses, losses, or damages suffered by the client arising from the client’s participation in the certification scheme or the assessment of their management system by SEC or its representatives. If SEC is found liable by law, its maximum liability shall be limited to 50% of the fees paid by the client for the certification process services


16. Confidentiality

SEC ensures that information of a confidential nature, other than in the public domain, disclosed to SEC or nominated representatives during the assessment and surveillance process is not disclosed to any other party.


DISCLAIMER: The information in these terms and conditions is intended for general purposes only. All rights reserved. SE CERTIFICATION INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD Published online on August 4, 2023.