MS 1480 ( HACCP )









What is MS 1480 HACCP?
MS 1480 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP, is an industry-specific hazard assessment tool and systematic preventive approach to food safety. It identifies and controls biological, chemical, physical, and radiological hazards in food production processes, ensuring the finished product is safe for consumption.
To ensure comprehensive food safety and compliance, it is required to implement GMP in accordance with MS 1514 and also other guidelines or documents can be used where relevant for example, Codex Alimentarius Code of Practice (COP) and other national and industrial guidelines. GMP focuses on maintaining quality and safety throughout the food production process, complementing the hazard analysis and control measures of HACCP.

Who Should Apply for HACCP?
MS 1480 (HACCP) is essential for businesses in the food industry, including:
• Food preparation
• Food processing
• Food packaging and storage

Benefits of MS 1480 (HACCP)
Organizations that implement MS 1480 (HACCP) experience numerous benefits, including:
• Facilitated issuance of Health Certificates
• Increased market access, as compliance is recognized by regulators and major buyers worldwide
• Competitive advantage over non-certified organizations

What is the certification process for MS 1480 HACCP ?
Ready to enhance food safety and gain market recognition with MS 1480 HACCP certification? Click here  to learn more about the certification process and how MS 1480 compliance can benefit your organization.